Audencia MUN | Model of United Nations in Nantes, France | 2018 Edition
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On behalf of the whole organization team of Audencia MUN, we would like to invite you all to our second edition, which theme is “Shaping Global Justice for the 21st Century” !

We hope our first edition lived up to your expectations, and we are very keen on inviting all of you to our second edition in Nantes, France, from the 17th to the 19th of October.

Stay tuned for updates regarding our second edition! In the meantime, you can take a look at our first edition down below.

Bridging The Gaps And Overcoming Inequalities

About last year’s general theme of our MUN, we thought it would be interesting and enlightening to talk about one of the main issues of our time, inequalities, all the while bringing it a quite unusual approach. Indeed, we thought an efficient way to understand inequalities and to fight them would be to observe them through uncommon angles like access to vaccination, chemical weapons, gender pay gap, protection of LGBT workers, technology, corruption, etc.

These issues, on top of being interesting and intellectually challenging, are diverse and reach rich countries as well as developing countries, and southern as well as northern countries; and we are thus convinced that, whatever their background and origins are, our future delegates will have witnessed inequalities in their daily lives and the consequences they may have; and will thus have personal interest and knowledge which they will be able to put into profit on the subject.

Our Team

(from left to right)

Alban Petit is the president of Isegoria, the student association hosting Audencia MUN.

Diane de Freyne is in charge of Social Events.

Mathilde Tchoreloff and Lucile Kroenlein are in charge of logistics.

Lucille Ladurelle is our treasurer. She also deals with the recruitment of the Guest of the Opening Ceremony.

Ikram Koudoussi and Clara Giovannangeli are supervising the relations with the Chairs and Delegates (and their recruitment). On the far right, stands

Aliénor Piacentini Nahra, our Secretary General.

Also, Julien Comiti is our communications manager.